Mini practice for winter sports

Many ski resorts have already organized the first opening weekends. In order to prepare you for the upcoming ski season, we have put together a small mini-practice program for winter sportsmen and winter sportsmen. So be prepared for your winter adventures by boosting your strength, self-confidence and agility.

Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding – yoga can be a great support to prepare your body and mind for the winterscale, “says Anne Anderson, the ski and yogal teacher. After her training as a Kripalu-Yogal teacher, she began to integrate yogic breathing techniques into her ski courses seven years ago. The effect was astonishing: she immediately noticed that her students were more confident on the slopes.”After I had installed Yoga in the classroom, the students made much faster progress.”
Today Anderson’s teaching includes the ” Snowga practice ” in which the students 15 minutes of meditation, pranayama and asanas practice before they go on the boards. “If you practice yoga before skiing, you have more fun on the slopes. The mind becomes calm and the body gently warmed, whereby the susceptibility to strains and injuries are declining rapidly “Anderson proposes six warm-up exercises before, before heading to the slopes. The cat-cow attitude to warm the back and then a rotation To each side for more flexibility in the spine. “Then,” she says, “you should practice attitudes that particularly in the knees and hips gain strength and your balance and flexibility improved (see illustrated exercises). Utkatasana (Chair Entertainment) is essential, because it and the attitude with knees bent Knuckles, which is the standard position for skiers. It also strengthens the leg muscles, which in turn support the knees. ”

1. Strengthens the awareness of the correct posture and directs the focus inside:

Mini practice for winter sports
1. Tadasana (mining)









2. Strengthens calf, buttocks and thigh muscles and promotes flexibility in the ankles:

Mini practice for winter sports
2. Utkatasana (chair keeping)










3. Opens the chest and builds up strength in the legs:

Mini practice for winter sports
3. Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I)











4. Improves the balance and strengthens the abdominal muscles:

Mini practice for winter sports

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