Free in nature meditation

In the open, we deepen our connection with nature and our own center. In 5 simple steps, yoga and meditation teacher Kate Vogt shows us “The 15 Minute Meditation”:

1. Find a beautiful place in the garden, sit comfortably and take some soil in your hand. Feel the earth for a moment before you return it and place both backs of the hand relaxed on the thighs.

2. Close your eyes. Relax face, hips and feet. Inhale ten times slowly and quietly, and imagine yourself making your body grow roots in the earth beneath you. At the same time you lengthen your spine, the head balances loosely on the tip. Imagine how the roots become stronger and stronger as the tension flows from your shoulders and chest.

3. Take another ten gentle breaths. When inhaled, visualize the nutrients and minerals coming from the soil into your bones. When exhaling, allow all muscles, from head to toe, to relax from the bones. The earth carries you. Are you aware of this, or are you still holding your feet off the ground? Let go of it.

4. Stay still for a few minutes. Thoughts and feelings trickle into the ground. Leave to life as a plant does it. All you need is you.

5. After a few minutes, bring the attention gently back to the breath. Place the palms together in front of your heart and lower your head for a moment. Then, place the back of your hands back on the thighs, slowly raise your head and gently open your eyes. Even if you get up again now, you know: The earth beneath me carries me completely.

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