Coconut figs and blackberry icecream

Fresh berries, sweet figs, creamy coconut. There are so many ways to conjure up ice from natural ingredients.

Coconut figs and blackberry ice

makes about 4 cups (1 liter)
Note: This recipe is super sweet. When cooking if desired simply sweeten (with honey, etc.).


10 fresh, ripe figs (the riper, the sweeter)
6 tablespoons water
lemon peel (from one lemon)
1/3 cup dried grated coconut, unsweetened
fresh ginger, 2.5 cm
1/2 cup honey (vegan: Agave syrup)
2 cups coconut milk
lemon juice , from 1/2 lemon
2/3 cup fresh blackberries

Coconut figs and blackberry icecream


Start by removing the ends of the figs. Cutting each fig into 8 pieces and let them together with the water, the lemon zest, the grated coconut and ginger boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes to the figs are soft. Add honey added and 10 blackberries, and let the mass again cook for about 15 minutes over low heat until the mass reaches a jam-like consistency. At room temperature, cooled, you can now take on hand and blend the mixture creamy with the lemon juice and the coconut milk a blender. But not too long, so a few more tasty fruit pieces remain (general rule of thumb when Eismachen). Before you give everything for 25 minutes in the ice machine, make sure that you leave the ground are previously in the refrigerator shortly. Done. Serve your ice cream with fresh blackberries and mint leaves.

Enjoy! ♡

Coconut figs and blackberry icecream

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