Beauty tip: Hello autumn!

Not only for nature but also for our skin brings the autumn some changes. Here you can read our best tips on how to get along well in the summer in the third season.

If falling in autumn the first leaves and the days are getting longer, the heating is increasingly used again. For the skin means the alternation of hot and cold stress: It is dry and its cellular metabolism and its regeneration slow down. To prepare well for our largest sensory organ in the winter, we should treat especially at this time, change the care and adapt to the cooler seasons.

Our advice:
Get off of lotions to creams to:

This will prevent flakes, red veins and skin breakdown. The dry heated air reaches the natural protective layer of the skin – the lipid layer – on. Creams, which have a high proportion of lipids, inhibit with regular use to moisturise skin and make it more resistant.

Alcoholic products use:

All others would only withdraw precious moisture! We recommend, for example, cleaning oils or mild cleansing milk.

Oil instead of bubble baths:

If there is a storm outside and cold, bubble baths are a special lure. In terms of a winterized skin you should not treat more often than once a week this pleasure, however. Good alternative that also goes often: lukewarm oil baths with emollients. Yet, here: Pamper yourself after bathing with a rich cream or body butter!

Evening primrose oil mask:

It gives the skin an extra portion of moisture! The oil supports skin regeneration. It is for every skin type, whether oily or dry skin, suitable.


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