Asana – The flying pyramid

Yoga means concentration. An ability that is very much in demand, whether in a job or in a family. In this variant of the pyramid (Parshvottanasana) one can not only recognize how one’s own concentration is, also strength and balance are required.

The initial attitude Parshvottanasana (pyramid or intensive flank stretching) you know for sure: it is one of the basics of yoga training. The stretching for the back of the thighs can be very intense, so the attitude needs patience. If you go too fast and too ambitiously, you tend to turn your back – and the discs do not.If the pyramid already works well, you can let it fly. Due to the raised rear leg and the arms pushed backwards, the stability of the posture is maintained.

Is it fun?

Yes! Be sure to check the length of the fuselage. When the back is rounded, support your hands on two blocks.

Do I have to?

Not necessarily. Only when it’s fun. In the course of time, however, it makes sense to modify the habitual asanas in unusual, playful ways – as well as the head, the fascia tissue benefits in the first place.

What do I need?

The more compact the upper body can fit against the front leg, the easier the balancing on one leg.Therefore, it is favorable if the simple pyramid is already relatively easy to fold. Asanas, like the dog looking down, the sitting prevention, the standing prevention and, of course, the simple pyramid give the body back the necessary length. Also important: some strength in the upper body, because only with the help of this support you can keep the position also stable.

Step by step

1. Begin standing upright in Tadasana (mountain maintenance). Step back with your right foot about one meter, showing the foot forward. Align both pelvic crests straight forward. It is best to put your hands on your hips.

2. Breathe in and spread the breast towards the ceiling. With the exhalation, begin bending slowly out of the hip joints. Be careful to keep the entire trunk elongated. Depending on mobility, place your hands on two blocks placed under the shoulders or on the floor.

3. Now push your hands (if necessary with the blocks) as far as it goes on both sides of the front leg. The arms are stretched and the fingers point backwards. Pull up the knees to activate both legs and fully stretch. Set up about five breaths long in this posture and try to enjoy them.

4. To get the pyramid to fly, press your hands firmly against the support and slowly lift the right foot. You can either look at the Nasenspitze (classic Drishti) or on the front foot.

5. After five breaths, remove the foot. Place your hands on your hips, stretch the trunk and straighten yourself up. Exhale return to the starting position. Then repeat the whole thing on the other side.

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