Acro Yoga

The modern style AcroYoga brings asanas from the ground into the air. It can learn in a new way, which means connection Yogis: Proficient is not alone on the mat, but to two, three or the whole group.

The experience of flying can not really describe in words. I myself had to experience happiness, this transforming moment of being carried one over six years ago – together with AcroYoga founder Jason Nemer. What I felt was a deep sense of trust and connection with life. In my desire to share this experience with other people, I fulfilled my 2007 with teacher training in Hawaii was born. AcroYoga has since enriched my life to an infinite number of levels. Perhaps the greatest gift is the realization that many of the borders, which we believe are real, exist only in our head. With the experience to move physical boundaries – for example, doing a handstand – I began to make wild and free decisions in my life. For example barter my career as a journalist in television against the teacher existence. A decision I have never regretted!

Acro Yoga

 The practice

While practicing other styles of yoga primarily alone on the mat, in AcroYoga is working with a partner in the foreground. This form of partner yoga combines the knowledge of yoga with the loving kindness of Thai Yoga massage and the dynamic power of Acrobatics. The focus is on trust, connection and playfulness. Besides the aforementioned fly AcroYoga includes other elements such as inversions and assistance, asanas, circle ceremony, partners Stretches, Thai massage and partner acrobatics. Target practice is to recognize the union with the Divine, to celebrate and to share with others. This can take wild and acrobatic forms part. Just as with “classical” forms of yoga, however, is the inner experience and not the external form in the foreground. One must be neither particularly articulated yet learned to practice AcroYoga can. In this sense, the practice is suitable for everyone who is willing to touch and be touched. For couples AcroYoga can be an enriching experience to relive on a physical level connection and trust. Equally valuable it may be, AcroYoga with someone to practice, we do not yet know, and thereby learn to trust a stranger.

Confidence in yourself and strengthen others.

To engage in someone requires trust – especially when the other person is the “base” and you yourself the “flyer” that hangs over the feet of another down. An additional person who provides assistance, a safe space is created for practice. In this safe space physical boundaries can be a new experience and we can do things that we would not trust ourselves. This can for many people be a very liberating experience because they find that some beliefs, which they may have had about themselves or their abilities, are wrong. For example, a woman by herself believe that she was too weak to carry someone on their feet. Or do we believe that we could never stand handstand, because we were not physically able to. Through the support of another person, we can these or other beliefs refute and dare characterized perhaps fundamentally more.

The history of AcroYoga

AcroYoga was founded by the Americans Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein, who met in 2003 at a party in San Francisco. Jason was professional acrobat since childhood and entered with 16 years even in the World Cup in China. Jenny dealt for many years with body work, massage, bringing experience from the circus. In this festival they brought each other in the air, playing with partner acrobatics and the so-called Therapeutic Flying, flying Massage. From the fire of enthusiasm AcroYoga originated. Your first class – a partner workshop for Valentine’s Day – was a huge success and up to the last seat sold. Together with her first student Carolyn Cohen, created the two a training manual, the “AcroYoga Flight Manual” and started in 2006 in order to form the first teacher. Your vision to share AcroYoga with the world, gave them a global nomad life. Workshops in the US, Europe, Asia and South America and appearances at yoga conferences they brought to the limit of their own resilience. Even today their appointment calendar are full, but its claim to travel around the world, the two have given up. Today they dare to give more responsibility to their students – to the joy of teaching to preserve and not to neglect their own well-being.

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