8 Myths about Yoga

Yogis – They’re these articulated, super-humored everyday hippies, which is also found out in the street in their colorful Aztec Leggins with spinach-banana smoothie instead Cappuccino to Go. With pretty Malas around the neck and small Buddha bracelets on wrists and ankles they stroll with yoga mat made of natural rubber instead of Birken bag crocodile skin through the city streets.  The Yoga scene is full of clichés.  They say, of prejudice is always some truth to it.But since we are of the opinion, Yoga is for everyone, we give something to the prejudice.  So what goes into the Yogi-existence, what are myths and thus still just excuses?

1. Yoga you have to be articulated

Although many yoga poses look sophisticated, agility is not a requirement. Granted, a kind of Yoga Inspiration Battle has established on Instagram – which oblique, very advanced head-over-head terms asanas. This poses make but in fact only a small part of yoga and practiced also in no beginners’ courses.However, yoga is more about bringing the breath and movement in harmony, as to imitate any contortions. Agility is rather the beautiful result of a regular yoga practice.

2. All yogis are Vegan

Many yogis opt for a vegan lifestyle. Nevertheless, the formula is = Vegan Yoga a myth. Awareness and live mindfully is definitely an essential goal in yoga and vegan diet thus for many a logical consequence.But for many not. As allowed and of course everyone has to find his individual diet itself. A diet that does well one, power and energy and donates behind which one can stand himself.

3. If you’re not serious, you’re in no real yogi

Ever heard of Laughter Yoga belongs? to be doggedly and hold closed-minded to his principles, is not a goal in Yoga as in all walks of life. We want to be free, open to us. We want to laugh, love to enjoy life.And as Yogi. Between authenticity and seriousness or grimness there are significant differences. Yoga should not be forced to. One should always listen to your body and especially to himself. Since it can also happen that you can treat yourself to a break or laughs at himself, if something goes wrong.

4. All yogis are hippies

While most Yoginis and yogis wear gorgeous colorful yoga leggings. But that does not mean that you thereby mutates into a full-time hippie. The yogis who renounce shampoo, deodorants and consumption almost entirely avoid actually make, from the minority.

5. Be Spiritual is one of them

Many people think: YES. Yet there are some, for Yoga is a physical practice. And that’s perfectly OK.Some simply feel in conflict with the word spirituality, whether it is ignorance or sounds just too far away. Ultimately, everyone must learn for yourself what yoga means a. The nice thing is that the spiritual side is accessible at all times, at the same time but just as invisible to those who remain, who are not actively looking for it.

6. Yoga is a woman thing

Is the cliché par excellence. Ever through the hashtag #yogadudes scrolled or Instagram Star Patrick Beach googled. By then it is clear that Yoga uni-sex (y) is not only, but that men can also benefit from the versatility of yoga, the strength building and flexibility. Yoga gets you right there from where you are. Experience or a personal spiritual alignment is not required. Just a little curiosity and openness for the topic.

7. yogis are always peaceful

Yogis are only human. No healer, no gurus, no gods. Even if they sit peacefully and quietly for 20 minutes and meditate, means that not that it non-stop in a bright light surrounded by Peace, Love & Happiness bathe. Even yogis have normal emotions that they sometimes can not control. Stress, worry, negative emotions – all these moods are just part of life. No one is perfect, no Yogi.

8. Yoga makes you a better person

Do not expect anything from yoga. Do not expect the fact that you have had an account in a great yoga studio, makes you any better. It is important that you – zoom go without expectations or prejudices on the matter – as with all things in life. You should let you in on it, open yourself and let things happen.Yoga does not make you suddenly become a good guy. However, yoga can be an effective tool to transform you.

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